Sweet Everlasting’s namesake takes us back 13 years to a woman named Connie Wilson, my husband’s grandmother.


Connie loved decorating and made a point to fill her home with everything she adored, specially vintage and farmhouse-style decor. She enjoyed picking wildflowers from the fields of their Western North Carolina estate and used the dried wildflowers to spruce up her home. Her favorite wildflower, which smelled of maple syrup and filled the home with a sweet aroma, was called sweet everlasting. After fighting an unexpected battle, Connie passed away in 2005 from early-onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 57. She was known for her unconditional love, patience, and passion, and had a great impact on everyone who knew her. Her impact is still present today and will now live on through Sweet Everlasting.

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My name is Hannah Wilson and like Connie, I, too share a love of all things vintage. Sweet Everlasting started as a dream and has evolved into a passion beyond anything I could imagine. Being able to take something old or forgotten and transform it into something timeless is more than a dream for me! One of my favorite parts of building a vintage collection is hearing the stories that come with the pieces. Listening to stories of where these pieces came from and the amazing people that owned them makes me feel like I’m being entrusted with something incredibly valuable. I get to be part of the story, a small piece of the puzzle in the history of each vintage item. Will you be part of the story?


Sweet Everlasting exists for more than making a beautiful, unique statement at your wedding or event. We are here to foster relationships, bring together community, and offer quality service to all who entrust us with their special event.

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Hey! My name is Chris and I specialize in creating heirloom quality furniture and decor to fit your need.


I use only hand tools and I focus on traditional, sustainable methods and materials that mimic the processes used by past generations of expert craftsmen. I am a Mechanical Engineer by degree, so I design pieces to be practical and structurally sound so that your family can enjoy them for generations to come. We pay attention to detail, and we want to ensure that each piece that leaves our shop is as unique as the individual we designed it for. Our shop has a wide range of capabilities from small decor items up to the largest dining tables and everything in between! Check out my Instagram feed below (@thewilsonwoodshop) for examples of my work or fill out the form and let me know if we can help bring your dream piece to life!

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